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How much is a 1776–1976 bicentennial quarter worth and are they still in circulation? Okay, first of all, they are worth nothing but face value. 1776-1976 S Washington Quarter Dollar silver coin bicentennial $0 Ship w/track. 1975-S Proof Set. At the same silver price of $20, 40% silver half dollars are worth approximately $2. 8924 silver and . If the grade is better than xf the coin could be worth much more! Information about coin grading like vf and xf and mintmarks like D and S In addition to business strikes, special collector coins were struck for the Bicentennial in silver clad; silver proof sets in which the dime, quarter and half dollar were struck in 90% silver were first minted in 1992. The 1976 3-Piece US Silver Mint Set was issued by the United States Mint as part of a celebration of the bicentennial of the nation. 600 (60%) copper with a diameter of 24. Own the 1776-1976-S Bicentennial Silver Washington Quarter, without having to purchase the entire 1976 Bicentennial Set! At 40% Silver, it\'s a collectors and investors dream. So while there are still millions of silver 1976 Bicentennial quarters  Bicentennial Quarter Dollars were produced in 1975 and 1976 in the usual copper-nickel "clad" versions, but also in a resurrected 40% silver "clad" alloy ( same  12 items This particular version is the special 40% silver Mint Edition of the Bicentennial Quarter. 1. You searched for: bicentennial quarter! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. You will receive the exact item(s) in the photo. 99% gold. Louis' role in the western expansion of America as the Gateway to the West. 5. 1976 Maco New York Medal . Dimes U. S. Produced in either gold, silver, or bronze, each medal is a great addition to every collection. 0321507466 to make the conversion to grams. 2 1/2" tall, 1 1/2" deep, 2 1/4" wide. That works out to approximately $1. 1776-1976-S Proof Bicentennial Quarter (1) 1776-1976-S Proof Bicentennial Half UPDATE Our Email and Dallas phone systems are fully operational and we expect the website to be up soon. This 40% silver quarter was minted in 1976 and celebrates the 200th anniversary of the United States. 2009 Braille Silver Dollars celebrate the bicentennial birth of Louis Braille, who is most remembered for inventing the Braille system for reading and writing by the blind and visually impaired. Shop with confidence. 25 cents 1967 prices and values the 1976 Silver Bicentennial Quarter . See all the coins that we are buying this week from our Coin World ads. Designed by Robert Scot, the first Chief Engraver of the United States Mint (1793-1823), these US Quarters had a weight of 6. government. PCGS PROOF-64 Silver-Triple struck in collar (actually looks to be struck five times). A collection of four United States Bicentennial silver uncirculated coin sets. 24 Nov 2017 As a child of the '80s, I was always fond of the Bicentennial quarter. 1776-1976 Bicentennial Silver 3 coin set "Red Pack" in Unc. This site promotes an extremely broad assortment of products at wonderful prices. Washington Quarter Collection Proof silver coins with a mirror-like surface were produced as depicted in the image above. com. Unspoiled surfaces and intact luster covering the entire coin. One example is the Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Program in the United States. 1976-S Bicentennial Washington Quarter Triple Struck. 1976-S Silver Bicentennial Set - Quarter, Half & Dollar - NGC PF 69 CAM Rarely is a 1935-D quarter consigned to an auction as nice as the one that appeared in a Heritage Auction Galleries sale. 50, and a half dollar, about $6. Clad versions of the coin continued to be struck by the U. It is a beautiful coin in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, a great value perfect for any Washington Quarter collection. " There were special sets of bicentennial coins sold containing the half dollar, quarter and dollar coin (Eisenhower) dollar that contained silver versions of the 3 coins. Get the best deals on Washington Quarters (1932-1998) Silver Bicentennial Quarter. APMEX offers 1976 3-Piece 40% Silver Bicentennial U. Mint's bicentennial commemorative quarter for Nevada features wild mustangs, mountains, a rising sun, sagebrush (the state flower of Nevada), and the state's most well-known nickname; "The Silver State. Jul 3, 2019 One of three PCGS MS-69 silver clad dual dated 1776-1976 Bicentennial quarter dollars sold for $19,200 on June 9, nearly quadrupling what it  3 Jan 2014 There were about 11,000,000 40% silver clad mint state bi-centennial quarters and about 4,000,000 40% silver proof bi-centennial quarters  The Philadelphia mint produced a total of 809,784,016 bicentennial quarters for circulation while the Denver mint released 860,118,839. 1976 Bicentennial Silver Quarter Melt Value is best in online store. 1976 S Washington Quarter Proof. I will call in short name as 1976 Bicentennial Silver Quarter Melt Value For many who are trying to find 1976 Bicentennial Silver Quarter Melt Value review. The nation marked the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1976 with a magnificent national celebration. Any scratches are on the holder - see the pics. If you come across one that is still in circulation that is 1968 or older, then it is silver unless the quarter you have is one of the 1968 coins that is only nickel. Highlights of our Coin and Medal programs, including the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, Native American $1 Coins, and Congressional medals. The coins in this set were struck in 40% Silver and are dated 1776-1976. His design went down as one of the shortest lived quarter designs in American history, but made way for Washington’s portrait because 1932 marked the bicentennial of the first American president’s birthday. 1975 through 1976, the United States Mint began minting all Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar c (Bicentennial quarter, half dollar, and Eisenhower silver dollar. Bust Quarter (1796-1838) - These early silver quarters were made of a composition of . Visit the Bullion Dealer Locator to locate a dealer - bullion coins are not sold directly by the U. Based on the design only, it is not possible to distinguish between a Bicentennial Quarter issued in 1975 or 1976, because the same design was used during both those years. This medal was minted in hi-relief with an antique silver finish and is in mint condition. Saint Louis / U. The quarter is a nice piece of silver if you have. 90% Silver Bag Washington Quarters $1000 Face (4000 pcs. State Quarter Silver Proof Set Values Showcasing tons of state quarter silver proof set values in stock this week. This coin was first produced in 1975 in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the independence of the United States. 1976-S Silver Washington Quarter Bicentennial PCGS MS64 - FREE SHIPPING. Only one other known Double Struck! 1976-S Bicentennial Washington Quarter T-II Plan. 1976 bicentennial proof set silver dollar half and quarter what's the value of this uncirculated set? 1976 S Proof Washington SILVER Quarter Bicentennial 1776-1976 Drummerboy design Quarter PF-68 US Mint. The Eisenhower dollar also was a part of the Bicentennial series. 1975 (commencement of the Bicentennial celebrations) and before 01. 1989 P Quarter. Stand is approx. The U. The coin is very shiny and well kept. The greater the detail remaining, the greater your 1939 quarter value. Not sure what the 60 % of the Bicentennial quarter was but it has been documented  5 Sep 2017 State quarter collectors, you might want to check out your coin from and quarters are made from an alloy of copper and nickel—no silver is  Results 1 - 48 of 750 It contains the Bicentennial dual dated (1776-1976) Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollar,Kennedy half Dollar and the Washington quarter. 00 per ounce. au $101. A surcharge is added to the cost of the coins that goes to these projects and organizations. If you have $1. As you may know, there are various grades of uncirculated, "mint" (e. Home > Coins > US Coins > Quarters > Washington Quarter > Type 4, Silver, 1976 S Washington Bicentennial Quarter Gem BU 40% Silver w/COA & CAPSULE - QTY 3. This coin is ungraded, inspect the pictures and judge for yourself. The coins are uncirculated. Instead of the usual copper-nickel clad, this quarter was minted in 40% silver. g. The United States Mint 3 piece 40% silver proof set dated 1776-1976 honors our nation's 200th anniversary of independence. Mint stopped producing silver coins, in proof and mint sets, and stopped minting "silver Ike Dollars" in 1974. $6. 1976 S Proof Washington SILVER Quarter Bicentennial 1776-1976 Drummerboy design   Silver Coinage (1932-1964) · Clad Coinage and Proofs (1965 to Date) · State Quarters (1999-2008) · District of Columbia and U. Each set features three coins: Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half dollar, and Washington quarter. The 1976 bicentennial quarter, is actually a nice looking coin and a piece of coin art. as more & more people start a collection one of the books that they like to fill is the Jefferson Book #1 1938-1962, these coins are getting harder to find all the time. These coins bear the reverse designs commemorating the Bicentennial of the United States of America. The Bicentennial pieces were first released in the fall of 1975, and their mintage continued through the following year. This impressive golf accessory features a 1976 U. It includes the following coins in Silver: -Washington Quarter -Kennedy Half Dollar -Eisenhower Dollar Proof coins are made from highly polished dies. . ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter" (Bicentennial, Silver Issue) Get the most recent updates from our site and be updated your self Get the most recent updates from our site and be updated your self My dad saved bicentennial quarters and I have kept the ones I got in change for the last 15 or 20 years. 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Quarter Graded MS64. Washington Bicentennial Quarter Roll (1776-1976) quantity Washington Bicentennial Quarter Roll (1776-1976) $ 19. Coins of the United States dollar (aside from those of the earlier Continental currency) were first minted in 1792. $4 shipping with a USPS tracking number. This site is sanctioned by eBay to make it much simpler to track down the best price on Silver Quarters that you are hunting for. If you cannot see the item you are shopping for listed below please use the search box, or the menus of Popular and Related products. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Shop our large selection of Proof Sets (1936 - Date) today. Silver Coin Values and Higher. The three coins chosen to proclaim the bicentennial were the quarter, half-dollar, and one dollar coin. com has estimated the 1976 S Washington Quarter Proof value at an average of 25 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $9. Territories Quarters (2009)  The Bicentennial Quarters of 1976 were made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of American Independence. 95. 1976 Original Bicentennial Quarter Set of 3 Rare Metal Versions (Black Ruthenium, Silver, 24K Gold) Here is your chance to own a Set of 3 spectacular Original 1976 Bicentennial Quarters . bicentennial silver proof set value From the acclaimed director of MRS. As of 2012, a 1976 Bicentennial quarter's value ranges from 58 cents to over $450 depending on the quality of the quarter, according to CoinWeek. The coin was minted in the years 1975 and 1976 and carried the dual dates of 1776-1976. Silver Dollars Our US silver coin calculator provides the current melt value of your junk silver coins. Silver Bullion Coins provide investors with a convenient and cost effective way to add silver to their investment portfolio. On August 12, 1974, amid the turmoil over the resignation of President Nixon just a few days before, a ceremonial first striking of the Bicentennial Quarter, Half and Dollar was held at the Philadelphia Mint. Cents U. Values of Washington Silver Quarters 1932 - 1964. Mint. The coin is highlighted in 24K gold and securely embedded in the nickel plated divot tool. The dial features the Bicentennial Drummer Quarter enhanced with AureTone ™ extreme precision USA Bicentennial Commemorative 1776-1976 Two Centuries of Liberty, Peace, Progress Inset with two small diamonds Longine's Symphonette. It also has Copy stamped next to Washingtons head. The three coins of the set included an Eisenhower Dollar, a Kennedy Half Dollar and a Washington Quarter. Hi, Heather! Welcome to the neighborhood. Silver Proof Washington Quarter, kennedy Half Dollar, and Eisenhower Dollar coin; Winning bidder will receive the exact item pictured. For example, even the very first U. USA Coin Image Database. The obverse of each coin bore a dual date (1776-1976); the reverse of the Quarter Dollar featured a colonial drummer boy. The insert is uniquely designed to fit an Air-Tite Direct Fit Holder to preserve and display the coin. In certain ones, Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, it is used to value many of the coins. 1939 Quarter Value by Grade Follow along with the images as a Washington quarter begins to wear from freshly minted "Uncirculated" condition, to a very worn example in "Good" condition. 61mm) This beautiful silver round commemorates the Bicentennial of the US and St. Barber, Standing Liberty, or Washington 90% junk silver quarters. Condition: Fair All coins to be minted after 04. 00 in silver quarters, enter "4". The idea of prophylaxis came from the observation that people with moderate or mild hemophilia (who have clotting factor levels of 1% or more) rarely experience spontaneous Bicentennial Drummer Quarter Rope Necklace NCM6-QDR2-20B3-Necklace featuring the US Bicentennial Drummer Quarter. Contains a Washington quarter, Kennedy half dollar and Eisenhower dollar. Mint was also authorised to issue 45000000 silver clad coins (or 15000000 sets of three coins each of various denominations – quarter, half dollar and dollar) to be Includes the original mint issued red envelope, cardboard holder, and informational insert. 1961 P Quarter. In fast moving markets, the prices for 90% and 40% silver coins can vary widely from the actual melt value of silver contained in the coins. 1076 copper. I was told there were none but I do have one. Commemorative Coins also help raise money for special projects. While regular-issue Bicentennial quarters are occasionally found in pocket change, this special 40% silver Choice Proof coin is not. " Nevada became the 36th state in 1864 (public domain image on Wikipedia). 1988 Bicentennial RAM Uncirculated Coin Set Here is a really lovely carded set of uncirculated coins released in conjunction with the 1988 Australia Bicentennial Celebrations. If that photo was any smaller, I might mistake for being struck on a dime planchet. Circulated proofs are worth 40 to 50 cents, and 40% silver Bicentennial quarters have a value of about $1. 955 inch (24. Proof silver coins with a mirror-like surface were produced as  Results 1 - 48 of 206 Get the best deals on Silver Bicentennial Quarter when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Instead, Congress decided to replace the Standing Liberty quarter with a Washington quarter first struck and minted in 1932. All added up to a selling price of $4,888. (10) The 1776-1976 Bicentennial Washington quarter. Each coin: the Washington quarter, the Kennedy Half and the Eisenhower Dollar, feature a one time-only reverse design and the dual date, "1776-1976". The BICENTENNIAL COIN COLLECTION is a 24KT Gold Plated 3-coin set which includes: 1976 Kennedy Half Dollar, 1976 Eisenhower Dollar, and 1976 Washington Quarter. This set comes housed in a one of a kind booklet type holder. Found inside each set was a total of three coins struck to uncirculated quality from 40% silver. CoinTrackers. Remember to enter "number of coins", not face value. If you found a Bicentennial quarter in your pocket change chances are it isn't silver. Most collectors were not interested with these coins for they were not silver and they were produced in such large quantities. Unless it is in mint packaging saying it is What This Coin Looks Like (Obverse, Reverse, Mint Mark Location, Special Features, etc. New coins have been produced annually and they make up a valuable aspect of the United States currency system. In October 1973 the US Treasury Department  These are over-struck on genuine 1976 40% silver clad Bicentennial Washington Quarters, they have the correct weight (no metal is added or removed), and  We are pleased to offer for sale this Washington BICENTENNIAL Quarter This Washington Silver Clad Quarter is in Brilliant Uncirculated condi. Their weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the U. 1976 S Bicentennial Quarter Dollar Proof Toned: 77639 400x400: 164919 615x615: REV: 1976 S Bicentennial Quarter Dollar Proof Toned: 95773 400x399: 195296 610x609: OBV: 1976 S Eisenhower Dollar Silver Clad: 180065 821x810: 617268 1825x1799: REV: 1976 S Eisenhower Dollar Silver Clad: 198038 815x807: 686026 1810x1794: OBV: 1976 S Kennedy Half Come help celebrate the rich visual arts traditions of the state—from the creations of Alabama’s native peoples to those of today! LEARN MORE Come celebrate Veterans Day at Alabama's veterans memorial. Silver Star USA Bicentennial Drummer Quarter Coin Cufflinks The Silver Star Bicentennial Drummer Quarter Cufflinks are a miniature work of art - each is delicately hand-painted and fired by a family of fine craftsmen. Each Koala Series coin celebrates Australia’s natural heritage and one of its most famous furry residents. 1776-1976 S - $300. 069 inch (1. 1975 George Washington Bicentennial Quarter Obverse During the release of the Bicentennial coinage, no coins of this denomination carried the single date  Black Ruthenium Clad 24K Gold Plated 1964 Silver U. 12, with the launch of the 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars and the release of the first of four newly designed Lincoln cents. From 1968, the Washington quarter’s proof versions have been created at San Francisco mint, carrying the “S” mark. 0321507466 × 6. 2733478882 $3. I have a silver bicentennial quarter with a gold head and drummer minted in Denver. Detailed information about the coin ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter" (Bicentennial, Silver Issue), United States, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data Call (800) 375-9006 or order online. In 1976 the three-coin (bicentennial quarter, half dollar and dollar) silver proof set originally sold for $15, and uncirculated sets for $9, but rising silver bullion prices (from less than $5 an ounce in 1975 to more than $50 an ounce in 1980) forced the Mint to raise prices on the 40 percent silver coins to keep pace, to $20 and $15. The links Some Bicentennial quarters with an "S" mintmark are 40% silver. Well, that depends on which silver quarter we are talking about. 999 Silver Virginia Bicentennial Washington Monroe License Plate, - $10. The first silver Koala Series coin was released in 2007, although the Perth Mint created its first Koala coin, a platinum collectible, to commemorate Australia’s Bicentennial in 1988. Since the Washington quarter was constructed with a bold design and wasn't redesigned until the 1776-1976 Bicentennial release and the Statehood quarters starting in 1999, there are no design changes or flaws as there have been in other US coins. The quarter was released into circulation on August 1, 1932. 40, a quarter about $3. 26mm and a mass of 5. A very limited number of medals were minted, and sets of two received priority numbering. You won't find these in circulation because each is made of 40% silver. 90) = $3. Of those, as with the quarters, some 4 million silver clad halves were issued in proof sets. I will combine shipping and price according to weight. 800 silver and . The bicentennial celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth kicked off in earnest on his birthday, Thursday, Feb. Get State Quarter Silver Proof Set Values right now. Used (normal wear), Philadelphia Mint Min State 1975 76 Bicentennial Washington quarter in immaculate rare condition. US Coin Photos Database as of 8/17/14 This page lists all of the United States coins contained in the CoinPage picture database dated from 2000 to present. It is stamped like the bicentennial quarter but it is about the size of a dime (just a bit smaller). All silver Koala Series coins are made from high Proof Coins & Proof Sets. 1976 S Proof 40% Silver Bicentennial Quarter  Oct 11, 2016 If you find a 1776-1976 quarter with an "S" (San Francisco) mintmark, it's either a proof specimen or a 40% silver Bicentennial quarter. Bicentennial Quarter Dollars were produced in 1975 and 1976 in the usual copper-nickel "clad" versions, but also in a resurrected 40% silver "clad" alloy (same as on the 1965-1970 Half Dollars). Pre-1965 quarters contain grams of silver. Locate Production Bicentennial in stock and ready to ship now online! The 1976 3-Piece US Silver Mint Set was issued by the United States Mint as part of a celebration of the bicentennial of the nation. Proof Set at competitive silver prices. Collectible Coins, Bullion, Gold, Silver, and more. 07. . United States Mint America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins are investment-grade silver bullion coins. The people of the United States had not seen a commemorative coin since 1954 when the Treasury Department discontinued the commemorative coin program due to abuses by politicians and special interest groups. Find 1776-1976 D bicentennial quarter and more at collectors. Special editions of the Washington quarter were issued and given "1776-1976" Bicentennial dating and a special reverse design featuring a colonial drummer. Mint are the perfect way to celebrate monumental milestones for a wide spectrum of events, people, and organizations. The five Washington quarter obverses: as a silver version, a clad version, the Bicentennial version, the version struck from 1999 to 2009, and the present version struck since 2010. 1776-1976 Washington Silver Bicentennial Quarter - 40% Silver - San Francisco Minted. Each of the coins are 40% silver by weight. 1976 was the bicentennial of the United States. PCGS PROOF-62 Silver-Type II Proof planchet. This massive achievement was celebrated all over the country, and even with a special set released from the U. Submissions were to include the legend "quarter dollar". This is the 1976 Bicentennial Modern Proof Set from the San Francisco Mint. This three coin set contains one silver Washington Quarter, silver Kennedy Half Dollar, and silver Ike dollar - all in mirror like cameo proof condition and graded -certified by PCGS as PR69DCAM. 7 troy oz. 22 grams of silver. Pure Silver (4. Mint struck in 1796 contained 90% silver. In 2014 a special edition of the Kennedy half dollar was also struck in 99. Shop on the Internet for bicentennial quarter 1976 with Shopzilla. In the original mint issued plastic holders and special booklet. 1976 US Proof Bicentennial Silver Proof Set Mintage Figures at Coin Community. ): The bicentennial Washington quarter features a 1776-1976 date on the obverse and a colonial drummer on the reverse of the coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States of America. The release of four new First-Class Lincoln The proof Eisenhower Dollars came in brown box as proofs, the 40% silver Ikes came in blue envelopes, and the clad proof Eisenhower Dollars came in proof sets. Shop 1976 Stamp Bicentennial right now! Showcasing an expansive array of 1976 Stamp Bicentennial on sale! Silver Eagles Sacagawea Dollars Presidential Dollars Silver Dollar Commemoratives All US Dollars US Numismatics US Coins. Shop 1976-S Signed Bicentennial Silver Proof 3-piece Collection 1975180, read customer reviews and more at HSN. Mint! This stunning set was issued from 1975-1976, composed of three 40% silver coins dated "1776-1976": a Washington Quarter, a Kennedy Half Dollar, and Eisenhower Dollar. Government Packaging of our choosing. Mint's three-piece 40% silver UNC coin set, dated 1776-1976, honours our nation's 200th anniversary of independence. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the confederation, the reverse of the 25 cents 1967 coin is a lynx (bobcat). 1995 D Penny Doubled Die Proof? 1919 Mercury 10c FS-101 Stage A Found In Bulk Lot! Yokozuna's 1 0 0 0 Th Post Contest Guess And Win A T-Shirt! 1884 Morgan, What Would You Contains a Washington Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar and Eisenhower Dollar. 1976-S PROOF SILVER BICENTENNIAL QUARTER PR69DCAM PCGS DEEP CAMEO. Contains a Washington quarter Kennedy half dollar and Eisenhower dollar. A 1976 United States Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated and proof set with each including an Eisenhower dollar, JFK half dollar, and Washington quarter. Set Highlights: Made by the U. It has the full set of 8 coins and includes the very first $2 coin released to replace the old $2 paper banknote and is only the second addition to Australia's coinage This left no dollar coins dated 1975. Includes three coins composed of 40% silver and dated 1776-1976 for the bicentennial anniversary. 7 grams, 44mm (A 45mm capsule is included for free) This site is sanctioned by eBay to make it much simpler to track down the best price on Silver Quarters that you are hunting for. buy with Confidence. All of the silver proof  THE 10 MOST WANTED QUARTERS - With so much attention being focused on 25-cent The government was intent upon establishing the silver dollar as the nation's flagship coin in . The 1926 Sesquicentennial quarter eagle was stuck in low relief (unfortunately), but on some examples (Sadly not mine) the golden "rising sun" in back of Independence Hall can be very attractive and gives the design a depth of field. Plus, it has the lowest mintage of all 1976 Washington quarter issues. 1776-1976 Bicentennial Quarter. Williams was awarded the design through a competition to get bicentennial designs for the quarter, half dollar and silver dollar. A dime would be worth about $1. Shop the collection of coins & collectibles to find options like coins recovered from shipwrecks, sets of gold and silver quarters, a collection of bicentennial $2 bills, or coins that come from the first release of a specific batch. 78; Save 1776-1976 us silver dollar to get e-mail alerts and updates on Hello. U. The Washington quarter was the United States' first circulating commemorative coin. These were the first of America's "modern" circulating commemoratives, and currently also the only ones not to be part of a long multi-year series. Locate Production Bicentennial in stock and ready to ship now online! In nominal terms, a silver dime today is, of course, worth a lot more than its 10 cent face value. The reverse designs emblematic of the Bicentennial of American Revolution were authorized by Congress and were selected through a national coins design competition. These genuine 1975 & 1976 US Quarters are magnificently enhanced with pure gold on silver and then LensCote sealed for a lifetime. com has estimated the 1976 D Washington Quarter value at an average of 25 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $6. A 40% silver quarter dollar was created for the United States’ bicentennial, but it was only available in Mint or Proof sets; it was never in general circulation. The bicentennial and centennial medals produced by the U. Mint struck special silver coins to commemorate the bicentennial of american Independence. 85. Everything But The House does not grade coins or currency. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator Calculate coin metal values based on the current silver price. 1949 D Quarter. quarter the U. I Have A Triple Stamped Nickel. Types. ) Often referred to as "junk silver," the 90% Washington Quarters were first minted in 1932. Bicentennial Quarter Question General Hobby Discussion. Bicentennial Commemorative. 75 mm). These silver quarters along with many other silver coins are classified as “junk silver“, read more about junk silver as an investment. The Bicentennial coins entered circulation on July 4, 1975, and were minted throughout that year and in 1976. The twelfth and thirteenth coins we present as a pair, CollecTons Keepers #12 and #13 in Series, feature the rare 1976-S Bicentennial Clad Washington Quarter Certified in Exclusive ANACS Gem Proof Holder and the rare 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Washington Quarter Certified in Exclusive ANACS Gem Proof Holder. When dad passed I got about 3/4 of what he had. ) Made at the United States government San Francisco mint and each contains the "S" mintmark. $9. Over-struck on genuine US Mint 90% silver Washington quarters, circa 1932-1964, except for the following (which were not released): Two were over-struck on circa 1965-1998 copper-nickel clad Washington quarters. “What is the value of a 1776-1976 Bicentennial coin with no mint mark?” That depends on two very important considerations: 1) What is the denomination of the coin in question? 1976 US coins marked 1776-1976 came as Quarter Dollar (25¢), Half-Dolla Reposted for posterity without the piffle that appeared in the original thread. Williams. There were about 11,000,000 40% silver clad mint state bi-centennial quarters and about 4,000,000 40% silver proof bi-centennial quarters that were struck for collectors at the San […] 1972 S Silver Ike Dollar; How Far Back Can We Go? Fifth Edition! New To This. US shipping only with emailed tracking information provided. Do you have something valuable? 1976S 1976-S PCGS PR69DCAM Bicentennial Washington quarter PR-69 Proof 69 deep cameo PR69 DCAM SILVERA nearly perfect bicentennial commemorative PCGS SILVER quarter in deep cameo from the last century. In 2010 The obverse of each coin bore a dual date (1776-1976); the reverse of the Quarter Dollar featured a colonial drummer boy. Grading Washington Quarters made easy with our grading picture guides, just look at the pictures of our US Coins by grade, and compare them to the US Coins in your collection. When it comes to circulation strikes they minted 809,784,016 at the Philadelphia mint and 860,118,839 at the Denver mint. It still turns up in pocket change once in a while, and roll hunters can run across more than a few when poring over bank Use this page to find detailed information on the 1776-1976 Bicentennial 40% Silver Quarter. 50 each. We have more information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. 791 copper. It began in 1931 when the Treasury Department decided that it should honor the bicentennial of George Washington's birth on a half dollar. 74 grams and a diameter of 24. Mint Bicentennial Drummer Boy quarter. All quarter dollars, half dollars, and dollars were struck with a special obverse for that year. This is a great gift for the collector or to show off your own numismatic interest! × To celebrate the 200th year of the birth of first President George Washington, the Bi-centennial committee wanted to replace the 1932 Walking Liberty half dollar with a Washington half dollar. We have confirmed that we were the victim of a malware attack. Presented in the original mint packaging which is up to 6 3/4″ × 3 3/4". The best prices for production bicentennial. The Canadian money system was once built upon the backbone of silver coinage back in the day. 1932 – 1964 Silver Quarters are 90% silver. 1 Roll (40 Coins) 1976-s Silver Brilliant Uncirculated Bicentennial Quar 1 Roll 1976 D Quarters Uncirculated Bicentennial (40 Coins) Open End Sho 1976 Bicentennial Washington Quarter Cleveland Trust Shotgun Original BU Shop Gold-Layered, Dual-Dated Bicentennial Quarter Pocket Knife and other name brand Knives Sports & Outdoors at The Exchange. 1977, were required to bear the bicentennial dates and designs. They differ from all other Bicentennial coins in that they were struck in silver proof   Sep 25, 2019 *Several million silver Bicentennial quarters were melted in the 1980s. The 1976-S Proof Silver Washington Quarter is comprised of . Mints began producing Bicentennial Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars in 1975 that were dated 1976. 1976 s 40% silver bicentennial pcgs ms 66 quarter half dollar 3 coin set (003) au $94. Quarters U. Came from original bank wrapped roll. The Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half dollar, and Washington quarter are all sealed inside the cellophane holder. Free shipping on many items  Product Description. free postage . curious This Is A Dusey. Metal composition: 40% silver, 60% copper. 925 sterling silver, 44. silver quarter roll Push for the top with all you have in your reserve tank; after all, the SKIN Cycle Pro Compression Bib 3/4 with Gradient Compression Technology accelerates blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, which, in turn, reduces lactic acid build-up. 90% Silver Washington Quarters replaced the popular Standing Liberty design from Hermon Atkins MacNeil. During the release of the Bicentennial coinage, no coins of this denomination carried the single date of 1975 or 1976. Is the 1976 Bicentennial quarter made out of silver or is it clad? If so how much percentage of silver? This 1976 3 pc Proof Set is a Bicentennial, three coin, Silver United States Proof Set. 25 × . Coins of this level of condition represent the highest 1935 quarter value. It has a diameter of . These coins are not worth any more than the other quarters from the preceding or following years however. In 2010 The previous eight pages contain historical price trends for the 90% silver Washington Quarters of 1932-64. Please Let Me Know If It Is Possible. Silver and Gold: Carson City, Comstock, and mining matters To celebrate the nation's Bicentennial, the reverses of the quarter dollar, as well as Kennedy half dollar and Eisenhower dollar Despite what your parents or grandparents or who-ever told you to hoard bicentennial quarters because they would be worth a lot of money, I am sorry to tell you they were wrong as they are worth only 25 cents, or face value. Gold Scrap 1776-1976 Bicentennial Quarter Find great deals on eBay for 1776-1976 bicentennial quarter and 1776-1976 d bicentennial quarter. The largest is a bicentennial Eisenhower dollar. Supplies of these coins are plentiful. The term also serves to differentiate these coins from pre-1965 coinage, which contained 90% silver, as well as currently circulating coins, which do not contain any silver. We offer both the 1979 and 1981 Proof Set with the Type 2 Dollar, as well as the special Bicentennial 3 Piece Silver Proof Set featuring the Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar made of 40% Silver. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. This particular example was struck in 1976 and depicts a unique one year only reverse design, which was used to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States. -40 coin roll of original 1976 Bicentennial Silver Quarters from the Bicentennial Silver set -Brilliant Uncirculated condition History of the Washington Quarter. 2733 is the rounded silver value for the 1932-1964 silver quarter on November 01, 2019. DOUBTFIRE, Academy Award(R)-winner Robin Williams (1997, Best Actor, GOOD WILL HUNTING) stars in a delightfully heartwarming comedy about one extraordinary android who just wants to be an ordinary guy! Coins We're Buying. I found state quarters that were done the same way, but could not find the bicentennial that was the same. Here's a fun fact about the bicentennial quarter: although it says 1976 on the coin, they were actually also produced in 1975. When collecting 1976 Bicentennial quarters, search for those that don't have any detracting marks or scrapes. Nickels U. In general, when silver content is worth around $20 per ounce, uncirculated 40 percent silver bicentennial dollars cost around $14 and proofs carry a $20 price tag. May or may not include original flat-pack style packaging. Silver and Related Dollars. Bicentennial (1776 - 1976) In October of 1973, the Treasury announced an open contest for the selection of suitable designs for the Bicentennial reverses of the quarter, half dollar, and dollar, with $5,000 to be awarded to each winner. There's a lot of misinformation in the "best answer chosen. 21 License Plate, Virginia, 1776-1976 Bicentennial 458 Bustof George Washington 164 Bicentennial Drummer Quarter Mens Bracelet Coin Watch R323-QDR2-2-This Lexington mens watch is our finest quality providing reliable, precision performance. We acquire coins from a variety of sources with some being graded before we get them and some we send out to grading service companies after we receive them. 26 mm) and a thickness of . You've earned the right to shop tax free and enjoy FREE shipping! This 1976 Washington quarter was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. • The 1976 Quarter features a one-time-only design celebrating the 200 th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. coin was struck in . I came across a Bicentennial Quarter I brought home from my first trip to the USA in 1976 when I was 21. Hello, My wife work in a convenience store and came across an interesting coin. Dollars All Numismatics World World Coins & Medals Ancient Coins Smartminting© Coin Listing Below is a list of coins that we have available. The silver price is based in troy ounces and that means we need to multiply the metal price by . Get a great deal with this online auction presented by PropertyRoom. As for the Bicentennial designs, I found the reverse of half dollar disappointing. 3 mm. Regardless of when struck, each coin bears the double date 1776–1976 on the normal obverses for the Washington quarter , Kennedy half dollar and Eisenhower dollar . Additional Info: 1976 was the year that the bicentennial quarter was issued. 01. Second, they are still in circulation. The insert also allows the option for the coin to be more The United States Bicentennial coinage is a set of circulating commemorative coins, consisting . 1916 1930 standing liberty silver quarter washington bicentennial quarters how much is my clad washington quarter 1965 1998 worth silver roughly the size of a quarter 1909 portugal 200 reis world coin 5 grams 1916 1930 standing liberty silver quarter. 67 grams with a reeded edge. These acrylic stands are designed to fit Most Capital Plastics holders, U. Reverse has a very nice well defined strike with one of the nicest ive seen. , MS60 through MS70) depending on just how perfect the coin is. The release of four new First-Class Lincoln 2019 TEXAS SILVER ROUND WITH WOODEN DISPLAY CASE *TEXAS EDITION* The specially designed *Texas Edition* wooden display case is an elegant way to present, store or display our coins. The Washington Quarter, designed by John Flannagan, was minted from 1932 to 1998 before being modified for the State Quarter Program. The Indiana Bicentennial Commission created limited-edition sterling silver bicentennial comemorative medals. This 1976 Washington Quarter-Dollar was struck in 40% Silver at the San Francisco (S) Mint. Quarter, Black Ruthenium Clad 24K Gold Plated 1976 S Silver Bicentennial Quarter, Black Ruthenium  Detailed information about the coin ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter" (Bicentennial, Silver Issue), United States, with pictures and collection and swap  1 Dec 2018 This was in the late 1960s, when the old silver and new clad circulated Washington quarters have been minted since 1932, over 85 years now. Silver Quarters. With other series, Mercury dimes, Walking Liberty halves, careful selection is necessary to avoid undervaluing some of your old silver coins. C $588. Silver Quarter Melt Value Calculator, shown below, will help you find the total silver value and total silver content of your U. The 40% silver Eisenhower dollars came in a three coin set, proof and business strikes with a silver Kennedy half dollar and Washington quarter. Some 25 cents 1967 coins were produced with 80% silver in it, while others with only 50%. 99. All three coins are composed of 40% silver and dated 1776-1976 for the bicentennial anniversary. You are bidding on the exact item(s) in the photograph. 400 (40%) silver and . 59 $ 9. Groupon. The America The Beautiful Five Ounce Coin Series will be minted through the year 2020, with one final coin in 2021. BICENTENNIAL TRIBUTE TO CONGRESS – The one-year-only 1989 U. Get it as soon as Mon, Jul 15. the average price with which US dealers sell these coins. The quarter, short for quarter dollar, is a United States coin worth 25 cents, one-quarter of a dollar. The Bicentennial coins of 1976 were not encountered that often, but many of  A 40% silver quarter dollar was created for the United States' bicentennial, but it was only available in Mint or Proof sets; it was never in general circulation. 1932 was especially special since it was the bicentennial of the nation's first President's birthday. Thank you. United States Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated Set 1776-1976. So while there are still millions of silver 1976 Bicentennial quarters around, that number is nowhere near the 15 million originally made. By judging the condition of your coin, a "Grade" is determined. So, I guess I have about 3 to 4 hundred bucks worth. 00. This is a great example of the 1976 Washington Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Bicentennial Quarter originally minted at the San Francisco mint. Lincoln Bicentennial Series In 2009, the United States Mint issued four different pennies in recognition not only of the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, but also the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent, first appearing in 1909. In 1976, the U. Has anyone seen or heard an 1976 D Washington Quarter. The reverse side of the 1976 silver dollar with the Liberty Bell over an image of the moon was designed by Dennis R. Bicentennial silver dollars were minted in two different types. S Mint Proof sets, Mint sets & most certified coin holders including ANACS, PCGS, ICG, PCI and NGC. 200 copper bonded to an inner core of . com on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. 1776-1976-S uncirculated silver clad quarter: 11,000,000* 1776-1976-S proof silver clad quarter: 4,000,000* *Several million silver Bicentennial quarters were melted in the 1980s. Silver-clad coins were made at San Francisco, in addition to the circulating version coined at Philadelphia and Denver. An example of the uncirculated 40% silver edition bicentennial quarter is depicted below in the example image: The United States Bicentennial coinage is a set of circulating commemorative coins, consisting of a quarter, half dollar and dollar struck by the United States Mint in 1975 and 1976. Sterling Silver Medals. This site contains detailed information about Franklin Mint silver and gold collectible art medals, ingots, and coins, including descriptions, precious metal content, care and cleaning tips, pictures of many of the sets, and an online marketplace to buy and sell these sets. One was over-struck on a 1976-S Bicentennial 40% silver Washington quarter. Don't miss this one. C. Up until 1965, all United States dimes, quarter dollars and half dollars were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. writes: I need to find out how many Bicentennial (solid silver) were made. 22 worth of silver, assuming the recent spot price of $17. This 1976-S silver U. There were some special "40% silver" 1976 coins that were issued for the bicentennial, but since you don't mention silver, I'm going to assume that you're asking about the basic 1976 coins. The values depend very strongly on the grade of the coins. Collecting the 1965 Quarter and other Washington Quarters. Shop 1976 S 40% Silver Bicentennial Quarter Proof US Mint and more authentic and unique collectibles coins at Amazon's Collectible Coins Store. 0 out of 5 stars 5. Save all Nickels 1942-1945 (War Nickels 15% silver) also some people are saving all the Nickels that they can find from 1962 on back. 00 1776-1976 S Washington Quarter Dollar Silver Coin Bicentennial 0 Ship Wtrack Buy Now. As a child of the ‘80s, I was always fond of the Bicentennial quarter. Mint in San Francisco. 1975-S Proof Sets had collectors scratching their heads, asking "Why are the Dollar, Half Dollar, Quarter coins dated 1976?" In preparation for America's 200th Birthday, the U. The Bicentennial Washington Quarter features a 1776-1976 dual date on the obverse and a colonial drummer on the reverse of the coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Metal content: 40% silver. Junk Silver is simply a silver coin that has been used in circulation but now is sold for its silver content instead of the face value. Denise B. After 1970 the U. Compare prices on bicentennial quarter 1976. proof set contains 3 coins. This is the 1776-1976 commemorative, one year type. See also. The coin sports the profile of George Washington on its obverse, and its reverse design has changed frequently. Proof coins prior to 1968 were struck only at the Philadelphia mint except in a few rare instances in which presentation pieces were made at branch mints. 50 or more. Pricing for bullion coins typically depends on the market price of the metal. FREE SHIPPING! (if you buy 3+ lots otherwise $3 shipping total This site contains detailed information about Franklin Mint silver and gold collectible art medals, ingots, and coins, including descriptions, precious metal content, care and cleaning tips, pictures of many of the sets, and an online marketplace to buy and sell these sets. Calculate 90% silver value : (18. 209 silver and . Attractively toned and barely a contact mark. High-quality coins are free from marks and scuffs and are worth the most. When asked about Silver Quarters most will reply they haven't been issued by the US Mint since 1964 . Just try and find a quarter with 1975 on it - you won't! The mint anticipated an unusually high demand for the coin, so they got started early producing them. These limited-edition medals were numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This listing is updated regularly, however, if something interests you, please call ahead to check inventory. In addition: A business strike silver uncirculated edition of this coin was also produced (does not have the mirror-like surface). Bicentennial Quarters were minted in 1975 and 1976. Washington Silver Quarter. The value is approx. condition. Half Dollars U. Prophylaxis is the regular infusion of clotting factor concentrates in order to prevent bleeding. and they would be correct! However, few remember that for the Bicentennial Celebration ( 1975 - 1976 ), the US Mint released a "Special" collector quarter made out of 40% Silver. I will email a CurrencyPay invoice with all winning lots, S/H and Credit Card fees after the auction close. The obverse features the Statue of Liberty which sits atop the Capitol dome in Washington, D. 1976 Silver US Bicentennial Proof Coins, 3 Pieces. Calculate by quantity, rolls of quarters, face value or weight. PQ & Unique. A "proof" coin is a specimen striking for presentation, souvenir, exhibition, or numismatic purposes, but not intended for general circulation. Congress Bicentennial Commemorative Silver Dollar pays tribute to the 200th anniversary of Congress as created by the Constitution of the United States. The Working Man's Rare Coins - Specializing in United States Silver Coins - Hundreds of coins listed with images - show schedule - numismatic information - find your coin here This three-coin set contains uncirculated examples of the Bicentennial design quarter, half dollar and dollar, struck in 40% Silver. The key to collecting the 1976 Bicentennial quarter is finding not . A silver dime contains approximately 2. Also 200 bucks worth of silver quarters, about the same in dimes and another couple hundred in other silver money. On March 26, the United States Mint began issuing the up to 400,000 proof and uncirculated silver coins The coin I have is silver, except for the flame, stars and Drummer on the back they are all gold. Is there any way you can resize it to about 640x480? Additionally, the mint sold a limited number of SILVER (clad 40 % silver purity) 3 coin SETS with the "S" mint mark. It has been produced on and off since 1796 and There was two 1973 quarter coins, but first, let’s find out what a Mountie is. The coins included are an Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half dollar, and Washington quarter. silver uncirculated 1776-1976 New Bicentennial Silver Washington Quarter Buy Now. This set also contained a bicentennial Kennedy half dollar and a bicentennial Washington quarter. 11,000,000 uncirculated 1976-S 40 percent silver dollars were minted while 4,000,000 proof versions of the 1776-1976 S silver dollar were produced. However, in 1976 and as part of the United States Of America's Bicentennial Celebration, they begin minting 40% silver clad Eisenhower Dollars, Kennedy Halves and Washington Quarters dated 1776-S-1976-S. The 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Silver Dollars were released only as part of a three-coin set which included 1976 versions of the quarter, half dollar, and dollar. 2002-W West Point Bicentennial Silver Dollar PCGS MS-69 (Item 769754) | GreatCollections Coin Auctions PCGS First Discovery 2019-W Lowell Quarter Consigned to Franklin Mint - The Official Bicentennial Day Commemorative - Sterling Silver - 1976 - Presentation Book - Among the hardest to find Bicentennial pieces, this is the Official Bicentennial Day Commemorative Medal, as struck by the Franklin Mint in 1976 from 3/4 ounce of Sterling Silver. 59. Calculators. 10 × . Silver coin values apply to many series of US coins. In the early years, Canadian policemen used horses as their means of transportation to keep law and order across the rugged wilderness of Canada. 23 Jun 2014 I have read thread on here about 1977 D silver Quarters. Mint through 1978. If you find a 1776-1976 quarter with an "S" (San Francisco) mintmark, it's either a proof specimen or a 40% silver Bicentennial quarter. silver bicentennial quarter

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